Olympia Weekend 2011

Olympia Weekend was just a few weeks ago and it was our first time at The Olympia with a booth. After a few months of preparation for the event, the time to roll out to Vegas had finally arrived. We packed the tour van full of merch and loaded up the crew. After arriving in Vegas at around 3:00pm on Thursday we hit the Las Vegas Convention Center where the Expo was being held. All exhibitors needed to check in that day and pick up their badges, so after doing that we started setting up shop at our booth. Shortly after prepping the booth for Friday morning we all headed back to the Hotel for a meal and some rest..but not before hitting a training session with the crew before calling it a night! Friday morning came quick and we headed over to the Expo at about 7:00am since the doors opened up for VIP at 9:30am. We were ready to go about 8:30am so we had a little time to walk around and chat with some of the other exhibitors and athletes. 9:30am hit and the doors opened up. We had 3 tables full of free stickers, leather key chains and wrist bands..all free and by 1:00 our limit for that day had run out so we dug into Saturday’s supply. Men’s and women’s t’s and tanks were all for sale at 20.00 each along with drawstring bags. Customers from China, Australia and various states here in the US came by the booth in support of Sacrifice & Honor, it was great meeting so many people. Sacrifice & Honor Athlete Lindsay Kaye was at the booth all day helping out and taking pictures with fans, she was also competing in the Bikini Division at the O, which she did very well in and looked as solid as ever! Congratulations to Lindsay! Between the conversing and constant running around we realized during the craziness we had a giveaway to do, it was 3:00pm. Earlier we had left out a sign up sheet for people interested in sales or special deal alerts, so we’d have them sign up and give them a raffle ticket for the giveaway at 3:00. We ended up raffling 6 shirts and a few drawstring bags, it was a great turnout! The end of the day came shortly after that and it was time to pack up and hit the hotel for some rest and a meal. After the crew took a 4 hour nap we all rolled out to dinner then headed to a night out at Tao in the Venetian, where good times were had. After a few hours of sleep it was back to the Convention Center to set up for Saturday’s Expo, we walked up to Sacrifice & Honor Athlete and IFBB Pro Mike Van Wyck hanging out at the booth with some of the crew who had made it there earlier. Mike, about 6’2”/300lbs looked incredible and looking to do damage real soon on stage, details as to when Mike will be competing next will be posted up shortly. Doors opened up about 10:00am and it was back to business. At around 12:00pm Sacrifice & Honor Athlete and IFBB Pro Frank McGrath showed up at the Expo and was looking as shredded as ever after competing in the Olympia, where he did an incredible job, a huge congrats to Frank as well! It was great seeing Frank and getting to chat with him a little. The last day of the Expo went by very quick, we decided to do another giveaway at 3:00pm where another 6 shirts and a few bags were giveaway to those whose numbers were called, it was a frenzy! Our boy, White Lightning.. the man in charge of the raffle, needed to scream at the top of his lungs so everyone could hear! It was a great day and it flew by real quick! Before the day ended, Sacrifice & Honor Athlete and IFBB Pro Jeff Long came by the booth for a bit and hung out. Jeff, one of the biggest up and coming stars in the bodybuilding world is honestly one of the most humble and down to earth dudes out there, we are honored to have him on the team and it was great catching up with him. 5:00pm came out of nowhere and it was time to wrap up. We packed up the van, packed up the crew and headed over to the hotel where another 4 hour nap was taken. After waking up around 10:00pm, we got word we were invited to Club XS..this was where Mr. Olympia, IFBB Pro Phil Heath was having his party. Everyone was beyond excited and amped up to go! The crew got ready and headed out. Once arriving at XS, the likes of Phil Heath, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and many others could be seen having a great time in the club. It was an honor to not only get to shake these legends hands but to chat with them a little bit as well, it was an incredible night! All in all, Olympia Weekend was a success and all of us at Sacrifice & Honor want to truly thank all of you for your support, we can’t wait till Olympia Weekend 2012!

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